Sunday, 11 July 2010

Getting there... sewing projects

Well, thanks to an Ikea table I actually have a surface for the sewing machine that's not 10 inches off the floor.
My back thanks you, Ikea.

So this weekend, I've been getting on with (1)the 'shrug', (2)the refashioned mini dress and (3) the no-pattern challenge.

1 is partly sleeved - and in need of hemming - not sure I am happy yet with the sleeves

2 needs tidying up with some hand-sewing but is otherwise OK to wear - Yay!

3 is a pointy pixie-goth skirt made from assorted isosceles triangles with a waist band round the top. Needs hemming or overlocking round the pointy bits and some elastic for the waist - working on it!

Sadly no pics yet due to not having pooter at the weekend, but it's coming along!